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Posted on 19 November by Chippy. Screen angle Unlike the UMID mbook shown at CES , which had a screen that could open almost completely flat see photos here , the retail mbook’s display opens to only about a degree angle. You have to redesingn from the scratch. Before I even begin to explain, let me just set you up with a mental image: What the discussion should focus on is the fact there are so relatively few players in this market that are close to doing it correctly that we should be careful in that we do not discourage, and centering our correctional discussion on the improvement.

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No usb, not true, miniplug usb with adaptor of you can use a cable and a female to female adaptor. Ummm — why don’t I have one of these??? If they fix those in their next version, that and the inevitable evolution after the first version will make it a killer device.


Returning to the evergreen Psion keyboard: Posted on 29 April by Chippy. The list was just so unbalanced that I think sharing it will be more useful to prospective buyers than my typical style. Sure, there was the occasional exception that could run for more than 2.


Just Thought I would make a few observations. Has a true XP replacement for my beloved Psion finally arrieved???

Acer Aspire Switch Visit the UMID mbook M1 forum to connect with users and potential buyers, ask questions, and share tips There are issues though. Thanks for a thoughrough review, Chippy! You can see how these numbers compare to some other gadgets in my ujid device keyboard typing speeds chart. See the edit I made on page 2, that device has an incredible thumb board. As it happens, the keyboard is, as far as I know, missing a method of producing two letters I would need for my native language.

Form factor One of the nice things about a k1 design is the automatic screen protection.

UMID M1 mbook reviewed: great mobile comms device – SlashGear

Other things I like about the keyboard are the dedicated number row and Fn key shortcuts, which provide quick access j1 brightness settings, volume, the battery meter, webcam, and standby mode.

Latest products in our mobile pc database. I was proof reading it at 3am which is never a good idea. Ben has two separate points here: IBM umld fitness test. HP Chromebook 11 G3.

Sticky-keys options under Windows can help here though. With the UMID, however, users come closer than ever before to having the best of both worlds.


A slight adjustment to the way the device is held is required to see the screen better, but it doesn’t affect thumb typing comfort too badly. Umiv though the M1 doesn’t have top-of-the-line specs, few can find fault with the pairing of Windows XP and the 1.

For such a tiny pocketable and light g device, it carries a huge amount of power. The headphones that came with mine have the non-standard plug on them so will plug straight in, and they look worse than they actually sound.

Review: UMID mbook M1

While the OS for the Psion may be touch screen oriented and WinXP may not, When walking, I find myself using the touchscreen on my Sony UX which has the same resolution and screen size almost exclusively. I remember the Psion 5mx!

Acer Aspire Switch I agree on ukid M2. Handwriting, annotations and more, with ease. A good quality English manual is included too. Instead of a full-size USB 2.