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This feature allows you to make one area of the screen brighter than the rest. The monitor rests on syncmaster mb swivel stand that moves easily with just one hand so adjusting the monitor is a quick task. With a dot-pitch of 0. The best Black Friday deals of Visit manufacturer site for details.

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The MB weighs in syncmaster mb Syncmster page 01 The size and position of the syncmaster mb area can be moved about, and its shape changed. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. The idea is to adjust the brightness of the monitor to suite specific tasks like syncmasetr text, playing a video game or watching a DVD on syncmaster 957m computer.

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If the VGA cable ever gets damaged the entire monitor will have to be sent of for repair instead of simply replacing the cable itself. I have syncmasrer many monitors over the years look horrible out of the box when they are first turned on and then be fine minutes later. It turns out ClearType works great with the MB too and really enhances the text. The benefit is that you can open a window that you are working on and highlight 975mb window so it stands out more.

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The front bezel is flat and a little over an inch wide good enough for post-it notes. LG for example have advanced the technology to a point where both the inner and outer surfaces of the display screen are perfectly parallel, sgncmaster arguably one of the best displays of all. You can adjust the size of this area if 957kb wish. The typical power draw is W, and in power save standby mode that number drops down to just 3W. The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia.


Typically, the inner surface of a Samsung flat face display is slightly curved in just one axis. In the early days of inch monitors, it was a common thing to have a dead pixel or two and you had to live with it since it was within tolerance range of the manufacturers.

The stand offers up left and right swiveling, as well as a modest degree of forward and backward tilting.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. This is a nice, handy tool that you can quickly hit a button to set the screen brightness to preset levels for what you are doing.

Samsung Syncmaster MB Monitor Review –

Review Sections Review Specs. Samsung claims that the MB is a flat screen monitor. Despite its confusing submenu, we found that the Highlight Zone improved the quality of both video and high-res images.

Samsung have always excelled with their industrial design – and the control panel of a monitor is the best example. The first thing I noticed compared to my P was the size. This just gives the guns on the CRT time to warm up and become stable.


It was a different story at higher resolutionshowever. Following in the footsteps of dozens of Samsung monitors before it, the Syncmaster MB has a syncmaster mb simple and clean appearance to it. The contrast and brightness keys are grouped together, and the less important keys spaced farther apart. As a computer consultant, sometimes I wish they did not include all the options. Samsung have always excelled with their industrial design — and the control panel of a monitor is the best example.

The inch Samsung CF is a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon Setting up the SyncMaster MB is straightforward. Under the text setting the brightness of the screen goes down a little to make reading less stressful on the eyes. When engaged, MagicBright will increase the overall luminance of the display by several orders. Best Monitors for See All. The Bad Image quality deteriorates at higher resolutions; some onscreen menus are not intuitive.

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