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Results may vary depending on system configuration. To keep vibration, noise and other problems to a minimum Plextor have kept the rotational speed to below 9, rpm or 40x CAV. The newest generations of components and technologies allow equal quality and performance to be achieved in CAV systems. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. Below we can see the available reading speeds, according to the inserted disc. Properly set, this feature is designed to result in more accurate sounding audio than a CD burned without tweaking.

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Plextor has decided to use a black tray design in order to absorb as much as possible of these reflections. Plextor also claims that access times have been vd-r improved over their previous products. The buffer size of this drive is 4 MB, which translates to about one second of data at 48x.

Results from testing PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W4824A

Exact Audio Copy V0. When these reflections find their way back into the detection circuit of the pick-up, they can cause distortion of the original signal. SpeedRead aims to provide maximum speed with data reliability and user safety in mind. Each segment then uses the CLV technique of slowing the rotation speed of the CD, and keeping the write speed constant. We also found out that the drive is capable of overburning not more than 92mins worth of data.

This was a result of data not being streamed to the burner as quickly as the burner was writing to the CD. The slight fluxuations seen in this particular case have an unknown cause, but did not result in any compromise in data integrity.


The firmware revision of the drive was 1. Low CPU usage is seen across the board, at varying speeds, and the seek times are acceptable for optical storage. The purpose of this feature is to allow users—or more accurately, audiophiles—to modify how a burned audio CD will sound, because standard settings can result in slightly incrorrect pits of a CD CDs are read based on high and low sections of the disc.

As usual, we will be using a commercially-pressed CD, an Audio CD and a CD-RW disc as the three common medium plexfor this benchmark, to find out where the drive stands in terms of its ability to read each different type of media. A variation of this method, Zone Constant Linear Velocity Z-CLVinvolves dividing the CD into segments, and incrementally stepping up the write speed at the beginning of each segment.

By Sanyo, this technology stops you from making coasters.


CAV is the rotation scheme where the revolutions of the spindle motor RPM remain constant, independent of the position on the disc where the data is read. As this decreases the disturbance of the original reflected light, it will result in a better-defined signal and less C1 errors.

This method uses CAV until the maximum write speed is reached, at which point the drive will switch to CLV for the remainder of the disc. Disc Copy with Nero 5.


DAE quality report on Plextor PX-WA

Using our standard audio CDs i. The drive conforms to Plextor’s standard style.

Meanwhile, stay tuned as we bring you a full review coupled with more tests of the Cd-e very soon. Running OPC will overcome the varieties in dye characteristics over the disc.

If you try to replicate these test results, keep in mind that you will probably see varying scores depending on the type of CD you use when testing.

Brenneren leveres med Nero 5. Hopefully future firmware upgrades will fine tuning the drive’s performance: These test results show not only the speed of the drives, but also the Digital Audio Extraction quality According to Plextor, a black tray minimizes jitter and reduces C1 error rates. In the case of such incidents, the PX-WTA writer has an extra strong front bezel to prevent debris from flying out – and striking the poor soul backing up his data.

If the CD is not ejected, and the CD indicator produces series of 2 green blinks, an initialization error has occurred. This will cd- a relative small but existing ‘pollution’ of reflected light. Plextor send a newer firmware revision V1. Besides this, PoweRec continuous monitoring of the write result will cause the drive to switch to CLV mode if the error signals exceed a certain threshold.