Smart Guard
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Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying waste containers Clearing a staple jam If a staple jam occurs in the finisher, the message shown below appears. Close the job separator cover. This is a semiconductor laser. Indicates that paper is not loaded in the paper tray Indicates that not much paper remains in the paper tray d-Color MF25 A copy job can be reserved while the Basic screen in Copy mode is displayed. Page Close front door FN4. Check the sample copy.

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Page Type in the account name up to 8 characters d-cloor, and then touch [OK]. Troubleshooting Display in Enlarge Display mode If a malfunction occurs, the screen shown below appears.

As an example, the message indicating that the yellow imaging unit should be replaced when replaceable by the user is shown below.

Touch to display the message shown below.

Olivetti d-Color MF25 Cyan Toner B0536

To print all pages that have been scanned, touch [Print]. To check the counter Page Basic copy operations The Sound Setting screen appears. Page – Memory becomes full while queuing a job Page – When “Please replace following unit olivett.


Available Features ADF, and then all pages can be copied together as a single job.

Page Basic copy operations Touch [OK]. Page Page Page – Adjusting the copy color quality Adjust The Sound Setting screen appears again. Page Basic copy operations Touch the button for the desired margin position, and then touch [OK].

Pull the waste toner release lever. To specify a setting for special paper for the bypass tray, touch the button for the bypass tray. Place the document within the sample area of the original glass.

Page If more adjustment is necessary, repeat steps 8 and 9. Close the horizontal transport unit mc25. Is the document correctly Position the document correctly.

Toner cartridge for Olivetti D-Color MF 25 Plus

The Low Power mode can also be canceled by pressing any key in the control panel or by touching the touch panel. Misfeed-clearing guide Opened when clearing paper misfeeds within the finisher See p. Application functions If necessary, specify any other copy settings.

Precautions For Loading Documents Into The Adf – Documents with binder holes – Documents that have just been printed with this machine Reminder Before loading folded documents, such as those folded in half or in three, into mf52 ADF, be sure to flatten the pages. For details on displaying [Erase Leading Edge], contact your technical representative.


Close front door FN4. Reminder Be careful d-cplor to touch the film with your hands. Page [ ] key.


Page Account Track Counter screen containing a list of all accounts. Mirror Image Set this function to oivetti a copy in the mirror image of the original docu- ment.

Press to display the screen for specifying user ac- cessibility functions. Reminder If stapling still cannot be resumed, even after performing the above pro- cedure, contact your technical representative.

Control Panel [Copy] key Press to enter Copy mode. After the interrupting job is finished printing, press the [Interrupt] key. Push up the fusing unit cover. The area around the image appears as a margin.