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The subjectively perceived fast work speed, as known from the “bigger brothers”, was possible without difficulties. Of course, permanent idling, and consequently the maximum battery life, isn’t realistic for practical use. Around the MSI’s edges, you will find a lot of good stuff: It’s the AMD Radeon HD integrated graphics that allow this to happen and they are much more powerful graphics than you would find in a typical netbook. Therefore, we simulated routine use on the U with medium screen brightness, WLAN, office tasks and Internet surfing.

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Thus, it’s possible to pleasantly work with cwmera netbook on the lap even when executing performance-intensive applications. Again, the U is surpassed only by the HP Pavilion dmeg, which has a rpm hard disk. The display’s rear is also glossy.

Disk data transfer rate. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Like a netbook, you can use it for basic Web browsing, office document creation, viewing photos, listening to music and watching videos. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. Warranty MSI grants a two year warranty as of purchase date for the netbook.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. While the case around the keyboard and touchpad is glossy Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. The “S-Bar” is worth mentioning in view of software.


Due to the rather limited opening angle of degrees, uu270 could be problematic for tall persons when it’s used on the lap.

Download MSI U Netbook Simple Camera Application

mwi Thus, other netbooks would be more suitable for outdoor use. A quick test with Skype delivered a satisfactory audio and video quality and makes it possible to use Skype pleasantly even without a headset.

The keyboard on the U has isolated keys and they are of a good size. But if you did, you’d be able to take advantage of USB 3.

Of course, permanent idling, and consequently the maximum battery life, isn’t realistic for practical use. Both speakers are on the front. In such a case, the user didn’t have another choice but to switch to a compressed 4: This could make it difficult for tall persons to find a pleasant viewing angle on their lap.

The overall u70 of the U are very good, but it still doesn’t take away form the fact that the Fusion APU can feel as sluggish as the Intel Atom in a regular netbook in some circumstances.

A WD hard disk with GB and rpm is installed.

MSI Wind U270 netbook

The E is only surpassed by one other netbook processor. This is despite the Fusion E having two cores.


Pretty scanty for today’s standards. Would you buy this? The subjectively perceived fast work speed, as known from ccamera “bigger brothers”, was possible without difficulties.

Thus, even bigger USB 2. Foreign exchange forex trading is a rapidly-growing in popularity with individual investors. With a result of msii, the aforementioned HP Pavilion is only placed higher by a hair’s breadth with 9 points – despite the slightly weaker APU, E It’s a little shorter than the Sony’s time of 3hr 33min, but it’s still a decent result.

The netbook boots fairly quickly, wakes up fast from standby mode and even larger websites aren’t a problem.

Review MSI Wind U270-E4523W7H Netbook

The other selling point of this laptop is the inclusion of USB 3. Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and features. The CPU doesn’t surpass 50 degrees in energy saving mode and all rates on the case are far below 30 degrees. The MSI worked fine when connected to our TV and we think camrra can make a nice little makeshift media centre for viewing videos and listening to music.