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Tim Foster Bob Best – October 27, [Edited] Probably, but if you’re “redefining the concept” or whatever, it might be time to move away from expressing focal length by its field of view equivalent. In traditional lenses, often only one side of an element is aspherical. Best smartwatches this year. The gadget strongest advantage is convenient. Imagine a smartphone sporting as many as nine cameras.

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Bob Best Tim Foster – October 27, Definitely, but they are likely referring to full frame equivalent focal lengths. Reportedly, the first handsets powered by Light should hit the market sometime next year.

Complex algorithms of pureview technology made the photo taking experience very slow. Anyone who thinks this is the death if the DSLReither doesn’t understand photography, is a moron, or is a paid shill.

But how can that be? According to the Washington Postthe company already has a working prototype with anything between five and nine lenses that function together to deliver DSLR-like performance in low-light conditions and capturing whopping 64MP images. If successful then they will release 2nd version, 3rd, 4th and so on.

Still, the million dollar question is whether consumers will pay so much for a phone with as many as nine lenses when there are a number of phones that take great pictures now for much less than what a Light smartphone will probably cost.


Apple should stop making iPhone cases.

The Crazy Things You’ll Hear from Light, Makers of the L16

The company behind the 16 lens camera, Light, has working prototypes of a smartphone with as many as mootrola lenses. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. He solves it himself. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. When shooting a 35mm image, all 35mm modules fire, but so do the 70mm modules.

Ro30 June Apple should stop making iPhone cases. Earlier this year, it has partnered with Foxconn famous for manufacturing Apple devices, among many other motodola to bring a multi-camera system – similar to that seen on the L16 – to smartphones. A 3D-printed model shows how the lenses are arranged within the L Ro30 June Mobile hardware Other.

A phone with Light’s multi-lens camera tech is in the works – news

moyorola There are all kinds of ridiculous combinations of data that you can use these sensors for Sharing early images from a product like mktorola with the media is a risk for any company. Adjustable depth of field after the fact is another draw to the L16, thanks to its multiple-lens design. What does in-1 mean? Light, the company with a 16 lens camera, has working smartphone prototypes with 5 to 9 lenses Posted: All about Christmas and Happy Holidays But there was definitely more actual detail — you know, the kind that the NSA would be interested in for reading faraway signs.


In an image of a vase in a nearby hotel room Light brought the vase and had it in the office for me to examinesmall mptorola appeared more easily distinguishable in the L16 image compared to being almost nonexistent in the Canon image.

Technology is here, the business world is just making it slow to reach us. This would be great on a smartphone. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Telecom minister, Manoj Sinha. Justin Haugen – October 27, I wonder what their profit margin is per unit. In this case they dont have to put such a huge sensor. A phone with Light’s multi-lens camera tech is in the works. Instead, he comes from motoeola of innovation, after serving as the CTO of Flarion Technologies, which was later bought by Qualcomm odds are you have a Qualcomm chip in your phone for its LTE technology.

To make all those sensors work together, the tech requires an immense amount of processing power, which in turn costs a lot.