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O Site now exists again, but nothing else is there. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I have replaced the RTC battery, booted without it, etc. Apparently this board is quite popular. You can simultaneously use this setup to share a modem connection with your network.

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Saturday, September 30, Return to General Old Hardware. I don’t think they can fail without power being applied to them, but maybe? Apparently this board is quite popular.

VOGONS • View topic – PcChips M what am I doing wrong?

Make sure voltages for ram, cpu are correct. PcChips M what am I doing wrong? This page was last modified on 23 July You can simultaneously use this setup to share a modem connection with your network.

Franc Zabkar posted an important body of M technical information on the web, which was added to these pages in July The PCI video card does not warm up. It has been updated from 1. Only thing is the BIOS chip size difference on the board. My M was on and a USB bracket the metal dropped from my hand on it.


Original location is in the readme of the zip file. Chipset register tweak – 61K. Add the line C: Oh well, i also heard a lot of good things about M It could be said that the sun is always shining on a working M somewhere! J571 adds support for 32GB hard drives.

Plugging in the speaker the wrong way round won’t cause any problems, but putting it in the wrong place might. M based systems are still working hard around the globe.

This mobo gave me some signal sparkle coming from pins but i was angry and tried again Video Chipset as None is incorrect. Which power supply are you using?

PC Chips M571

Am i doing it right the readings? Here are the results: All are from here and here. I’m glad I did not hesitate to get these The jumpers seem correct, the board physically looks I have checked multiple times and the CPU warms up.

But, there are also other functions that the M can perform for you: See manual in Downloads section for details. This motherboard is filling me with pain and driving me crazy.


Cartoni Cartoni Maxima Broadcast Style Fluid Action Head M

Yes it does have jumper settings? Finally, my own modifications are presented for your consideration. There was a significant issue where I plugged the speaker in vixeo and the PSU made a heck of a smell, but I pulled it quick and that PSU was able to power a different board later- so I doubt that did permanent damage.