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Thanks, I was thinking about M90 – the same, but without tilting wheel. And again – Linux? Comment has been collapsed. I guess I’ll use them at some point. After reading all the replies, I’ll probably buy Zowie ZAxx. All prices exclude shipping and taxes where applicable.

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Logitech M-bt58 Premium Optical Wheel Mouse USB Wired White | eBay

Instead of using it, I’ll end up staring at the mouse trying to figure it out if I figure out the Linux drivers first: This mouse is the ideal choice when standardizing from ball-based product to performance, optical technology you’ve come to expect from Logitevh.

But my dying mouse is part of the problem. Hahahaha, can’t, running on Linux ;- I know about setting Xorg, raw input in games and such. You could totally get a better mouse, at least get an ergonomic one, your old one doesn’t look comfy at all. I’m not sure what’s up with Mionix and putting CPUs in their mice.


I want one that will last. You probably won’t find anything decent for less, except maybe a used Intellimouse Explorer 3.

I’m just looking for new cheap, trusty mouse. Not a good mouse though, randomly dies, requiring the battery logtiech be pulled and replaced same battery, and the battery tests as good.

And one can always use “shift” key. The contoured shape is designed for user comfort, and the scroll wheel allows easy navigation of large documents and websites in all common applications.

Thanks, but backlit and laser. After reading all the loggitech, I’ll probably buy Zowie ZAxx. Displaying 1 to 14 of 14 results. And I don’t like Logitech RX feels logitecj a cheap copy. If you already do this, nvm. Gigabyte M is pretty good. I like Logitech M, but it’s wireless.

This comment was deleted 2 years ago. Sign in through Steam to add a comment. Zowie FK2 or Mionix Castor. I’m using a Corsair M65 and I like it a lot. Thanks, I was thinking about M90 – the same, but without tilting wheel.


Any recommendation for cheap, decent quality most important mouse? One more question – does the mouse wheel or logo glow?

Cheap mouse recomendation (dead Logitech BT58)

Logitecch buy either M90 or Zowie ZAxx. Logitefh probably needs drivers. I think it isn’t in your budget but check it out sometime. Thank you, ZA seems best for me. My mouse is dying.

Product name and photography are for identification purposes only and may differ from the actual product. I do understand that the sensor itself glow, of course: All prices exclude shipping and taxes where applicable. Got it when I was into hardcore WoW raiding since I have joint issues and using keyboard for keybinds was too painful: