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On modern distributions all configuration might be taken care of automatically by starting the irda service service irda start. The double screen latch system locks securely to make sure the screen stays down when being carried around. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Below is a graph generated from running HDTune on the T60, a hard drive benchmarking application:. Finally we have 3 USB 2. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Unanswered topics Active topics.

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The speakers are actually not half bad, they certainly get loud enough to comfortably hear a DVD movie from across a room. But ThinkPad screens are not known for being the brightest and best, just adequately bright and good enough for business use.

Infrared driver? – Thinkpads Forum

Seagate will be available in three volume capacities …. The 14″ type offers lighter weight and longer battery life at the expense of a smaller screen. The T60 speakers are located at the front bottom area of the notebook.

Port replicator connector, access to memory, battery release latch and lock view larger image. The back area where the fan and vents are got a bit warm as they pushed the heat out, but certainly not uncomfortably warm or anything.

Seagate SSD is developed in 2.

As usual though, the recommendation is to have a pair of headphones if you want bass or what can be considered very good sound quality. I used single IR remote to control my TV, audio system and laptop, some years ago. I am currently on the hunt for some DOS driver files. Experiences may differ with a 14″ penovo screen, there is no FlexView offering on that screen size. To make it perform something useful, try irexec.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Maybe the problem is, that nothing has migrated to Windows7?

The 15″ type T60 offers higher end performance configurations and also the option of a FlexView screen, but at the cost of a higher weight and less power life per battery cell. Not only will it have better brightness, colour, contrast and viewing angles – you will most probably more than make up the investment when selling it. Not really useful, so I ended up just using a bluetooth remote instead. This can be especially useful to control applications like mplayer, xine, mythtv or boxee.

Like any vendor though, there are disaster stories, but the Lenovo ThinkPad tech support center based in Atlanta at last check has always been helpful for me and generally gets rated at the top of the list for notebook vendors. The T60 carries on these traditions with a jump in performance from the most recent T43 and some changes to configuration options available and the port and keyboard layout.

Its frequency formula demonstrates up to MHz on standard …. ThinkPad T60 keyboard area view larger image. What a shame Palm died. Under review here is a high end configuration of the T60 15″ variety.


The ThinkPad T60 under review is a Author Post time Subject Direction: After quite a bit of fooling around I did get a program running in Windows that would recognize button presses on the remote, but I found that the receiver would only detect signals from the remote if it was up to about a foot away.

Max theoretical speed is 4 Mbps, but you’ll probably get only half of that at most.

Download driver IrDA Fast Infrared Port

All now running Win10 – no issues. This page was last modified on 26 Julyat An important thing to note regarding the ThinkPad T60 is the fact it comes in two flavors: Service and support from Lenovo and IBM in the past has always been good for me.

The T processor coupled with the ATI X Y60 graphics card is also enough to play most infrsred game, albeit maybe not at the highest setting.

Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: Never use nail polish remover acetone. I recall using it to every so often to sync things like a Palm PDA, but it usually was easier to use a serial cable.