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The diamond grooving pattern provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear. Matteo Iachino on the new iSonics. It is the choice for lighter racers in light winds and the powerful option for medium to heavy weights in medium winds. A combination proven to deliver a highly reactive yet comfortable feel. Welding to an energy value firmly determined in advance All operating modes can be simply monitored by inputting min.

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K Duesseldorf Germany. During the development phase, the modular design of the machine was of special importance to ensure that it can be flexibly adapted to different applications and part dimensions.

Try our range and you will see by yourself! We also modified the rails from back to front foot to be boxier, delivering more power. K Duesseldorf Germany. The iSonics feature 6mm thick footpads in the tail and 4mm in the front.

The 63 has a lot of acceleration which is very important in slalom, where getting to max speed as quickly as possible is key to winning. Welding to a defined size Relative path: The increased volume improves performance in the lulls and new cut-aways reduce wetted-surface, further increasing top speed. By selecting the appropriate control system, the Basic version of ispnic machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, i.


Isonic LED TV Remote Control Replacement | Lazada

A step forward so significant that it has our PWA Slalom team frothing for the new season. You get a board with more lift, a contrlo that really flies over the water tracking on just the fin. We are proud to present our all-new Carbon technology. As an option, the welding units can be supplied without their own control system so that they can be integrated into the control concept of a superordinate system.

Feel the gain in acceleration and top speed. The back inserts are 2 cm further back and new, larger cut-aways reduce the wet surface further.

The film transport system ensures that the system always starts on a piece of unused film. Boosted volume promotes early planing and increased jibe exit speed.

Decks are issonic with the lightest grade of biaxial and uni-directional carbon fibre orientated between 45, 30 and 0 degrees for optimized flex and reflex characteristics. Our board is not only the best in racing but the most user friendly hi-performance windsurfing board on the market.

Unchanged shape except for the removal of the jibing hump on the deck.

WxD — 1. Matteo Iachino on the new iSonics.

Isonic LED TV Remote Control Replacement

I can push my isoniv on the racing course without putting so much effort into it. The new iSonic 67 replaces the iSonic Welding a relative preset path once a triggered reference point is reached Energy: The touchpanel for controlling the machine is fitted to the outside.


I love sailing with fins as small as possible. Pneumatic film feed unit For the protection of sensitive workpiece surfaces against welding marks Selection and deselection via the conttrol system Film feed adjustable between 0 mm and mm For films with a width between 40 mm and mm Easy integration via an interface module. WxD mm x mm. The Pro version offers full connectivity for the exchange of data with customer systems for remote maintenance and for the implementation of customer-specific functions, such as clntrol codes, cameras or future Industry 4.

For parts which, because of their geometry, cannot ieonic directly placed under or removed from the sonotrode, the ECO iSONIC can be extended by a sliding table. The 77 and 83 replace the and Starboard was founded in New Caledonia.

The iSonic 72 replaces the iSonic