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I purchased the T online for a steal of a price. I couldn’t find much difference between two files. The manager’s interface is user-friendly indeed. The record quality entirely depends on the source, and if the source is very good, the quality will hardly differ from the original. You can listen to files recorded and delete those you don’t need. When player switches to the record mode you will hear a signal coming to the Line-In so that you can control the recording and the signal level. The drivers will be installed together with the manager.

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But I had to test what the player offered. Unfortunately, not all character sets are supported. But iRivers technical specialists promise, that new iFP will be available soon. The player supports all types of MP3 files. About this product Product Information The iRiver iFPT is a digital media jfp that allows its users to store up to 32 songs on the MB built-in memory module.

In general, the sound quality is very good, irivre distortions or bugs were noticed. Frequency response 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: Now, thanks to the collaboration with Inno, iRiver’s solutions tend to look more and more elegant.


iRiver iFPT – digital player – CNET

You can move along the tree, go into the subdirectories and back. This winter the guys from iRiver came to Russia to share their plans and new solutions which were to be officially announced at CeBit in March.

Iriver delivers on sound, quality and customer ease through its navigation. However, I don’t care much about WMA files.

The auction listing for this product that will end the soonest. Show More Show Less. Well worth the price compared to others. Design The ship-like design is very attractive. The system register shows the following. I think that this file format is unnecessary in the digital world, 308t I wish the player supported better and more compact formats like AAC or Ogg Vorbis.

You can use them most comfortably only in the city since you will need a computer to rewrite the memory contents and because extra memory cards are not supported. Press and hold the joystick to get to the settings menu.

The drivers will be installed together with the manager. After installation of the manager you are to connect the player to a USB port. The bitrate can be changed from 8Kbps to Kbps, and the sampling rate from The record formats can vary: Besides, you can adjust a volume level of the line-in. The rostrum houses a 4-way mini joystick for navigating the menu and player’s contents and for adjusting the volume level i.


And when you will update iFP-player, you will use your iFP without any drivers.

iRiver iFP-380T Silver/Blue (128MB) Digital Media Player

As to ID3 tags in other character sets, for example, Cyrrilic, they are correctly displayed. The test file was compressed with the Lame 3.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The headphones supplied are not that bad and igp pretty good sound quality. A tag can be 60 symbols at most. When player switches to the record mode you will hear a signal coming to the Line-In so that you can control the recording and the signal level.

Summary The new Flash player iRiver iFP inherits all strong points from the previous model and sports some new useful features. This can be considered an advantage because such cables are available in stores, i. Besides, sound is much distorted in case of files of the v.