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Input and output levels are ok, different sognal routing options – even pretty simple ones – make no difference. The field “e-mail” in the form seems only to accept a pretty limited number of characters, so i had to choose my shortest email adress ; edit: Infrasonic Quartet is a very interesting card with a good market potential. The final word will be said after audition. This would explain the lack of new drivers and of answers to open support tickets. Differences between these three devices are very small.

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Although we get similar integral results, the Creative spectrum is less pure. The Quartet sounds naturally, adequately. For example, the card offers an opportunity to connect speakers and headphones at the same time without using an external mixer or replugging cables. Problem with Quartet drivers 1.

It demonstrates natural tones, normal attack and stereo panorama. Audio volume in the headphones is sufficient with the The latter has much more channels, which significantly raises its value – you can create a sterling submix.

Unusually-looking output connectors have threads and come with plastic nuts, which fix the card in a PCI slot and prevent possible switching problems. Infrasonid exactly the same problem exists with both cards, i suspect a driver problem. The field “e-mail” in the form seems only to accept a pretty limited number of characters, so i had to choose my shortest email uqartet ; edit: At the same time, a peak meter shows a signal level accurate to within 0.


Infrasonic Quartet PCI Audio Interface

A final quartet driver for Windows?? This protects monitor speakers and headphones from being damaged by that “pop-noise” when you turn on your PC.

Thanks and best regards Michael P. Besides, the Infrasonic card lacks a handy volume control and mixer. It matches the official values infrasinic in the specifications with ‘Audio Precision’-logoed spectrums.

Other sound devices in the computer intel quarte PCH-H and nvidia virtual audio device are deactivated. After restarting the computer, sometimes this effect was gone, sometimes not.

Even such a spectrum is an excellent result, of course. Infrsaonic author still prefers the E-MU M. Perhaps, the technology will show its worth with many channels.

Infrasonic Quartet PCI Audio Interface news – Audiofanzine

Click thumbnails for larger images. Maxim Liadov maxim ixbt. It’s a decoration rather than a functional element. The Infrasonic Quartet is at least no worse than the Juli with a balanced connection. Both line-outs are equitable.


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Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: I’m really happy with this devices for hardware quality and the possibilities of routing the signals. As for now, it’s just an interesting feature, a development of the DirectWire idea towards professional usage. Quartet no input signal with cheap headset mic [1]. Fortunately, measurements show that everything is all right here. Owing to its functionality, the Quartet also competes with a traditional sound card with an external mixer.

Target audience of this card is home musicians and audio enthusiasts, who need an easy to use device.

The actual driver is 1. The Infrasonic Quartet card was connected to the input of the LynxTWO in order to determine potential quality of its analog output. Besides, it adds rigidity to the card.