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Unless its on of the ones with a bent shaft. Yet this golfer was perfectly haappy. How much appears to vary significantly from shop to shop. This thread is days old. Already have an account?

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What happened to the old shafts? The costs involved might included the following: Some like to put a little dab of glue on the shaft before doing this, to help keep the ferrule resyaft place.

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Pull the shaft out and make a check; if you have an even amount of epoxy all around the tip, that’ll be enough. The Golf Gods Suck.

I also got the ferrules there.

Reshafting irons – what’s an average price? : golf

Titleist D3 8. That being said, it’s mostly the same everywhere, so unless you’re doing it yourself, you’re stuck paying.


Posted 28 May – Mine too, were clean unshafted heads; the shafts, which I provided, were brand new. Posted July 30, The most labour intensive part of reshaft is the prep work to clean out the dried epoxy and prepping the tips of the new shafts.

Cost to reshaft a set of irons!!

Do this at your own risk. Make sure to move the heat around: Found some great clubs on Craigslist and I am really considering getting them.

If the shaft does break, however, all is not lost. Ask New Question Sign In.

How much does reshafting golf clubs cost? Is it something you can do yourself? – Quora

Keep hitting the little ball before I hit the big ball! He checks for uniformity resshaft grip length. Wrap some around a dowel rod slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the hosel and spin it around.

But if you don’t have the stuff to do it and don’t plan on doing it again, would make since to shop around since getting the equipment might cost just as much. Assigning Credit and Blame in the Cups.

I have a heat gun and the other tools needed, I just have never done it before? After that, rotate the shaft in the glue and insert it into the hosel. Most of this is taking your time, and getting the job done to your own standards. If you don’t see your post, it’s probably because muh account has low karma and AutoModerator removed it.


Is it something you can do yourself? How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh?

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

Register a new account. From there, you need to know how far in the shaft’s tip goes. Last edited by J4U; at I went to Golfsmith. I already had a torch and my irons dont have ferrules. I’m not sure of there policy in taking off Shafts rfshaft If I got anything Taken out then Re-Shafted they only charged me for the Re-shafting.