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For such applications, use the native SQLBase routers instead. SQLBase also features built-in brute-force password guessing attacks and denial-of-service attacks making it a safe and secure database for internal or external web applications as well as a safe choice as a backend database for mobile applications. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. The driver is very similar in its Windows and Linux implementations. The Command Center Service will execute scheduled tasks automatically and it has the flexibility to send emails when a task is executed successfully or only if there was a problem encountered. A string that identifies this SQLBase data source configuration in the system information.

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Will return standard ODBC error to indicate that it is not implemented. The SQLBase database system supports multiple connections and multiple statements per connection. SQLBase excels when it comes to easy deployment of applications and included databases. You can override these defaults by connecting to the data source using a connection string with alternate values.

The default is determined by SQLBase. The name of the server that hosts the database to which you want to connect.

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How do I run stored procedures? The integrated tools allow testing for developers and to setup and configure automated maintenance with ease.


An optional long description of a data source name. You may need to supply the name of the database server in the Test Connect dialog box. See all current users, current processes and current open database cursors, including details about isolation levels used and locking status.

Before you actually build an installer you can configure how many users the included SQLBase server should be configured for. How do I set isolation levels?

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If desired, configure optional data source settings in the Advanced section of the dialog. Isolation and Lock Levels Supported.

The driver file name is libsqlbaseodbc. See release notes for exact versions of operating systems and ODBC driver managers. Monitor, Analyze, Solve and Edit Automate: Your application might supply enough information in the connection string to make the connection without prompting you. These are available from third parties.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase

SQLBase provides a self-recovering, highly automated embedded database architecture that enables users from corporate IT gupt ISVs to deploy SQLBase embedded in software solutions having automated deployment and configuration and automated maintenance. Configuring Data Sources in Windows.

Driver manager configuration files. SQLBase provides automated deployment and configuration. Here are the few differences in Linux:. Set it to one of the supported levels, as listed in Isolation and Lock Levels Supported.


Click Test Connect to attempt to connect to the data source using the connection properties specified in the Driver Setup dialog box. The data source that you wish to connect sqlbwse must be present in these files particularly odbc.

For more information about configuring connection pooling, see Configuring Data Sources in Windows. Driver and data source configuration are done through text editing of configuration files.

Create aggregate data for faster business intelligence, concatenate strings, calculate values and perform data type conversions.

Driver and data source configuration are done through sqlbaseodbcsetup.

It is an effort to standardize the way in which frontend products access database servers from different vendors. So far I found out that the company behind the product is currently: Values can be -1 wait forever to ; the default is Save this code to a file php-odbc-sample.