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Unfortunately, just as with big TVs, hard reality soon sets in when it comes to pricing the high-end laptop you are lusting after. It’s been a while since a mobile computer without one of these energy efficient little powerhouses crossed our desk. The fire engine red Gigabyte G-Max N measures mm wide, by mm long by The screen has a conventional aspect ratio, not a widescreen one. We’d love to see more notebook manufacturers include portable mice with their systems, since trackpads are uniformly hard to use. Most people end up compromising with a midrange laptop that does most or all of what they want, but without the utter sleekness that three grand will get you. We’ve tested out a few of Gigabyte’s products in the PCstats labs recently, and we’ve found them to be generally excellent.

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With an increasing number of countries introducing IT learning into giggabyte education systems, notebooks are no longer working-class gadgets anymore. Nothing to remark on here.

Aside from the software and manuals, our bundle also included a black, padded zip up sleeve to protect the N though it’s lack of handles means you are going to use it as protection, not transportation in addition to the nifty little optical mouse we mentioned earlier.

The styling and color presentation adopted for the notebook are unquestionably directed at the younger crowd. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Mobile Computing Gigabyte N First impressions and upgrading.

The ‘Ruby Red’ N which we reviewed comes with a 1. With gigabyt G-Max N, Gigabyte seems to have a definite target audience in mind. We would have preferred to see one or gjgabyte of the USB ports and the headphone jack placed on one of the sides of the laptop instead, since the rear placement is less convenient.

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This is not a huge amount, but it’s adequate for everyday office tasks, DVD viewing and Internet use.

The ideal configuration would have one port on each side, though we can understand why this would be a headache to implement.

Unfortunately, just as with big TVs, hard reality soon sets in when it comes to pricing the high-end laptop you are lusting after. It should appeal to the segment of laptop figabyte who love the look of Apple’s iBooks, but are scared away by the unfamiliar operating system, or the prices. Today we’re going to take a look a Gigabyte’s G-Max N laptop in “Ruby Red”, which fits neatly into this midrange category.

Introduction When it comes to design gkgabyte notebooks, there appears to be one collective business theme that many manufacturers seem to employ incessantly for their entire range of notebooks. We were a little confused about the warranty details for this product.

This wired Dpi mouse was a pleasure to use, and functioned smoothly with the system.

N | Laptop – GIGABYTE Philippines

It comes preloaded with Windows XP Home edition. The only thing we didn’t care for was the thin mirror strip on the top of the system.

All the keys are where you’d expect them to be. Built-in full-duplex bit stereo speaker with wave table support Compatible with AC97 2.

IBuyPower – Gigabyte N203 12.1″ – Information

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. The included manual and instruction sheet are well illustrated and seem to be comprehensive we did not get English versions for this review. On the other hand, our test model had a sticker iggabyte clearly states that the laptop has a “two years warranty.


This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

N | Laptop – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

Of course, we’re not going to divulge the price right now. Networking features include the expected Intel The single latch holds the laptop closed well.

A padded sleeve case is also included. Our review system shipped with a matching red Gigabyte GM-8U mini-optical mouse, identical in shape to the GM-W9C wireless optical mouse we reviewed recently. It’s been a while since a mobile computer without one of these energy efficient little powerhouses crossed our desk. The viewing angles of the LCD are quite satisfactory.

Gigabyte’s website states that the company provides a one year warranty on the laptop itself and the power adaptor, while the battery carries a separate six-month warranty from date of purchase. Gigabyte offers two models in the N line, taking the unusual step of differentiating them by color. Opening up the N reveals a plain white interior styled in a way that will be familiar to any iBook owner.

A single empty memory slot is available, so in the case of our MB Ruby Red model, MB is the ceiling unless we decided to trash the original MB module.