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Nothing but my unbounded respect for your dignity prevents me now from demanding from you the fullest explanaticMi and satisfac- tion for taking upon yourself the right to answer for me. Blanche has at the moment special reasons for avoiding a meeting with the Baron and Baroness, even more an unpleasant meeting, worse still, a scandalous one. You will admit that, till the wedding, at any rate, she can hardly be anxious to attract the atten- 48 tion of the Baron and Baroness in any way. This was something more than slavery or insignificance. Her voice is a husky contralto.

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I expected the General would va-vd204 made some remark to me, but he remained mute; I noticed, however, signs of disturbance and uneasiness in his face. Why did he make such a to-do over my stupid practical joke? I want money for myself, and I don’t look upon myself as something subordinate to capital and necessary to it. Only, I say, I hope it won’t be unpleasant for vizta General, and through him for you.

Oh no, there’s been an error

They, too, wait with perfect morality and good faith, and go to lixe sacrifice with a smile. The General sometimes ventured to contradict, but discreetly, and only so far as he could without too great loss of dignity.

I explained that I had begun with ten friedrichs d’or, that after six or seven times staging successfully on equal chances I had five or six hundred gulden, and that afterwards I had lost it all on two turns. I simply speak of it as a fact which doesn’t depend on me in the least. I know a man here who has met him passing under another name.


Blanche, but that she cannot part from her Frenchman, and so she brings herself to going about with Mile. The General, hearing ga-vdd204 this new absurdity, became horribly nervous.

No one is talking about it. Granny’s chair was set down in the middle of the room, three paces from the General. The second thought was: And do you think that you mil not be interfered with? Why I had the idea I can’t understand, but I believed in it. I was at once summoned before the General. I am not speaking at all of the greedy, un- easy faces which by dozens, even by hundreds, crowd round the gambling tables. I ran up the steps and.

The thought that I was not playing for myself seemed to throw me out of my reckoning. I warned you that nothing would come of it. I felt sure that M. I mean, why conceal this from cista, at any rate, from the members of ttie household?

They were shut up together talking for a long 20 time. But when I was within a hundred paces of her seat, I saw her get up and walk with the children towards the hotel. If you don’t finish with my passport this minute, I’ll go to him in person. A fortnight ago you said a ga-dv204 deal to me about your being absolutely convinced that you could win here at roulette, and tried to persuade me not to look upon you as mad; or were you joking then?


And what are you angry with me for? I cannot endure the flunkeyishness of the newspapers of the whole world, and especially our Russian papers, in which, almost every spring, the joumaUsts write articles upon two things: Money ought to be so much below his gentlemanly dignity as to be scarcely worth noticing.

That’s why good form means so much with them. Astley at the H6tel d’Angleterre, which was quite close by, when suddenly De Grieux came in to me. She seemed not to hear my words, or anything else that was said that day af table.

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Seeing Granny, the General was struck dumb. Astley will look upon it as a personal affront you know how persistent Englishmen areand wiU send a friend to caJl on the Baron; he has powerful friends.

The Frenchman was troubled, too.