Smart Guard
safety starts with driver update. that is the smartest guard. do you know how to update your drivers? if you don't we can help you. first visit our website. second find your driver by manufacturer or vendor. at last you download the driver by clicking on download driver button.



Click OK to save your data source information. Additionally, data source configuration can vary from one ODBC driver manufacturer to another. If your data source appears in the list, the driver is already configured. Specify users by privilege set. Was this topic helpful?

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Click OK or choose additional settings. Many drivers also offer options to customize how you access a data source, such as identifying a particular data source file.


Click Done to save your data source information. No users the default setting. As a minimum level of filemakef, specify database file accounts and passwords.

ODBC Drivers for FileMaker 13

Open the database files. SQL Server R2. Was this topic helpful? Repeat steps 3 – 5 for each database you want to publish. Click Add to configure a driver for your data source.

Enter descriptive 31, if desired. FileMaker Pro 13 Help. For Nameenter descriptive text to identify the data source.

Configuring an ODBC client driver

Select the filename s to share from the list of open files. In the configuration dialog box, click Continue. Provide access to users from any account. Specify users by privilege set. A System DSN filemaaker source name is available to all users who log in to your computer. Users may need to enter their account name and password, defined in the Manage Security dialog box, depending on the setting in the File Options dialog box see Setting file options.


If no driver appears for the data source you want to use, you can use a driver from a third-party vendor. Use the following procedure as a general guideline for configuring data sources refer to the documentation that accompanies each data source application for details.

If your data source appears in the list, the driver is already configured. The complete field name, including any non-alphanumeric characters, displays as the column name. Click OK to save your data source information.

For example, if you will be accessing records from an Oracle database, you will configure an Oracle client driver. Administrative Tools appear in the System and Security category. Was this topic helpful? FileMaker Pro filemzker Help.

ODBC Drivers for FileMaker 13 | FileMaker Community

See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges for more information. After you have configured the driver, you can access records in your data source.

No errors are reported, and the client application must notify users that data is no longer available and transactions cannot be completed. Choose which users can access the file: A User DSN is available only when you log in.


ODBC Connection issues in Filemaker 12 and 13 Server and FMP

Click Specify to select the privileges that accounts must have to access the shared database file. A list displays all ODBC client drivers installed on your computer. Additionally, data source flemaker can vary from one ODBC driver manufacturer to another.