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Decided to go with this product after looking at pricier options. Easy to use, economical Review: Download the Dual GPS status app to test the unit before you fly and there will be no worries. So far it works very well. Easy to program into the iPad Cons: When it works, it’s an incredible tool, showing your position on sectional charts, approach plates and low altitude enroute charts.

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The XGPS is using com ports 15 outgoing and 16 incoming.

Technical Details

Easy, accurate, works with all mapping software Cons: A replacement unit arrived about a week later. To have dual fuel tanks? Size height is uncomfortable for stowing it in flight suit Review: Met expectations, have no problems and works very well Was this Xgpw150 Helpful to you?

I fly in Hawaii between islands. I’ve been using the receiver with my iPad3, for a sum total of 4 hours so far. The GPS does a very good job of tracking location and has a very good battery life. Even took it with me on a trip in the jet and it matched exactly what the ship was telling me dead on at Mach.


I feel that it met all expectations.

XGPSDownloads | Dual Electronics

Paired with my iPhone and iPad on the first try and reconnects every time. Indicates position on charts!

For dollars a great value. Non that I’ve found so far. I don’t have moving map capability, but it’s not hard to find the plane on the seamless sectional.

Dual XGPSA unit and Windows 10 – Cruisers & Sailing Forums

Its smallwireless Cons: The only thing I don’t like are the lights on the unit are too bright and reflect off the windshield at night.

Does what it is suppose to Cons: I use FltplanGo and it seems to work fine, although I am not expert enough in technology to know if it is much superior to the iPad’s internal GPS.

Switch to Threaded Mode. Small good battery life Cons: But the XGPS unit’s blue Bluetooth light flashes at 1 second intervals indicating that it does not think it is connected.

On Sunday, March 11, a customer asked: I’m a pilot who uses this GPS with the iPad.

The problem with the Bad Elf is that it is easily dislodged from its receptacle in the iPad when you handle the Ipad. Contacted the manufacturer who informed us that they were winows of the problem, that it was the chip used in the unit we had and we were instructed to return it and they would ship out one with a chip that would work at higher altitudes. My bluetooth gps runs at baud.


The reason I only give it 4 stars is because I wish the battery life was a little better. Bluetooth can only supply info to 1 device at a time Bluetooth limitation Review: It has worked perfectly for several flights.

The soft rubber dash mount case is also excellent. Rapidly links to the Ipad. I have also used it with my iPad in my Jeep Grand Cherokee to navigate!

This product works fine inside Airliner Aircraft having shielded heated thick window glass. Connects right away and lasts for 5 to 6 hours.