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On the matter of differences between the and the , I think the only difference is the case color and the software bundle. See how that experiment turned out in the Modified DAC article. I just want to say, you are doing a great service here. The PCM Datasheet has more info. Connect many older audio devices using the RCA jack, including a film projector, ham radio, shortwave radio, or even your satellite radio or TV.

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With an impedance of ohm, behringe a sound pressure level of dB, that version seems to be a great match for this little DAC. NwAvGuy March 1, at 5: If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown.

Behringer U-CONTROL UCA USB-Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

I’d like to use the uca to drive the M-Audio speakers via a USB port, bebringer allowing me to keep the toslink cable connected to the DAC1, but allowing audio output to the AV 40s at the same time. I’ll soon be reviewing the E6 which should be an even better choice.

That would give me a decent headphone rig until I can afford more serious stuff in the future. Excellent in its category I tried several kinds of sound cards, both usb and firewire driven, but the day I got this one, I knew my long journey had come to an end. Yeah, the Behringer is dead silent with the HD, you should be happy with it.


I know it’s not its primary purpose, but for this article, I was mainly curious bhringer the Behringer performed as a DAC–especially for headphone use. I can not get audion out via the USB in a standalone mode i.

It is refreshing to see a fellow electrical engineer making meaningful, credible and most ica202 independent measurements that the manufacturers are afraid to, or at least don’t wish to, publish. The above is likely lower than most people would listen at but it depends on the efficiency of your headphones.

USB Audio Interfaces

Musician’s Gear Stage Snake 8×4 50 Foot. Imaging is somewhat the same. Uca22 September 22, at I mean, it’s for professional audio, which usually involves higher impedance headphones.

You can’t just que up a track and play it on two audio devices at the same time allowing switching back and forth between them in real time. Glad you liked the article.

However when I add a dvd player at the RCA input, behringe is no output from optical output. Own it now, 6 months interest free Available at checkout.

All you need to do is plug the USB cable into the USB port on your computer and start listening to stunning quality sound. How about extremely low levels:.


Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

As for sampling rates, It may take several seconds. Connect your instruments, mixer, or microphone to these interfaces. As a musician, audiophile, audio engineer, and electrical engineer too many hats, I knowI appreciate that good sounding audio equipment will measure well uca2022 the lab behringed vice versa.

That might be an even better option than the UCA I agree with you and I’ve revised my comments to hopefully be more accurate. Built-in sound hardware and low-end PC sound interfaces often suffer from audible frequency response problems.

Behringer UCA Digital Recording Interface | eBay

I don’t know what to expect with the U3’s hardware. What you suggest seems like it should work just fine. But if you are happy with the sound from your laptop no bad noises, it gets loud enough, etc. TJ September 16, at 5: I’ll probably buy the UCA And the iPod has a much ufa202 headphone output.