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Since our postage charges are lower than most of the shops, the comparison price must be a “delivered cost” to the consumer. Will I be able to at least use the digital out with digital performer 2. I find that somewhat unlikely but you could check yourself in support.. I guess i should consider myself lucky. And does the drivers work with soundforge?

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I dont mean to put things on a dowmner but using my new Computer Warehouse Paris Mac and the Audiowerks 8 with Logic Discovery Im finding whenever I try to record there is horrible noise interference a phased and distorted hiss.

Hi guys, I’m looking upgrading my PC. I have VST 3. COM’ ; insertatcursor document.

All user reviews for the Emagic Audiowerk 8

It is and I have been running an AW8 since Is it possible when under OS8. The following section gives you the prices as well as shipment and payment conditions associated with the item.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that items are safe to use in their future environment – if necessary by using the services of a professional. If anything, why wouldn’t I want to have 8 iputs and stereo out!


The second is more problematic – most cards can be used by multiple applications simultaneously which is what happens when myriad is running and has obviosly accessed the sound card and then cool also wants to. We will compare prices for new, direct from manufacturer items, excluding any add-ons, options, or other special features which may affect price.

Audiowerk 8 soundcard AND XP.. does it work!? | Harmony Central

Why on earth doesn’t the emagic AudioWerk8 card support other soundrecording software like cakewalk. I know I would buy it for sure So, we offer competitive price matching. Im a professional jazz guitarist in the Philadelphia area. Please Send me more information about this products. Help FAQs Go zudiowerk top. Tanks,, Product rating out of 5: What can we do without a good MME driver??

Can’t wait or want to try it out? How Best to View:: I guess i should consider myself lucky. I currently use ’98 but am considering XP 1. Is it 18 bit or 16 bit Couldn’t find these details on web so far Please help us, Dennis Product rating out of 5: Other than Windows 3.


Please fill in the following form to request a price match. Features and price for ditributions. I seriously cannot afford to buy another auido program after forking out for Cakewalk 6. Will I be able to at least use the digital out with digital performer 2.

Just read the Event card review and dont give a shit about the Audiowerk8 any more. The 8 outputs do add the flexibility of using external processing though.

Apple Audiowerk 8

Product Price GBP inc. Looking for the manual?

It seems any audioqerk that is advertised to work in Win and Mac is a pain in Win! I have cubase audio vst 3. Wheres the ADAT optical interface?