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CPU frequency scaling needs two things: That gave me access to the X. Drivers are included in the kernel since 2. It should be the ipw https: So wlan is blocked by hardware switch and the button that it is mapped to doesn’t work.

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So wlan is blocked by hardware switch and the button that it is mapped to doesn’t work.

CPU frequency scaling needs two things: AC adapter status is available. Power and Fan have standard bindings as halt and reduce noise, respectively; LCD brightness keys work; the others have no default bindings.

Don’t take that personally, but you do realize you didn’t even mention Debian “what” that you installed. I reset bios also. Board index All times are UTC. The AMILO M offers options to users, who do not require the same level of graphical intensity and power but want longer battery life. Skip to main content. The packages acpidacpi and laptop-mode-tools are indispensable. What can I do?

Debian on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M

That gave me access to the X. Most notable was that X wasn’t autoconfigured, so I did not get an optimal X. TuxMobil was also helpful.


Note that X will not work properly after wakeup if hardware acceleration is enabled a,ilo above. Leveraging the strengths, innovation and global reach of our joint shareholders, Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG, we make sure we meet the needs of customers: I ended up doing some customization on xorg. The Debian package hibernate is able to use the prepackaged Linux 2.

The kernel documentation on suspend to RAM was indispensable while figuring that one out I would have had it working much sooner had I looked there in the first place.

Suspend to RAM takes some work to configure but then works reliably.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M7405 Parts and accessories

Visible as a standard mouse. Other configurations are also possible. With module-assistantthe module compilation is wirrless simple: I used too many sources during the configuration of my laptop and the writing of this report to list them here. The AMILO M and AMILO M are slim-line and easy to carry with a long battery life, making them ideal for users, such as frequent travelers, who need the flexibility to move ailo without requiring power supplies.


Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M | NotebookReview

It also provides battery status and AC adapter status events. Wireless networking requires a separate module, which is packaged as sourceso the module needs to be compiled separately almost every time the kernel is upgraded. How I can bypass the hardware switch?? My Fujitsu convertible has wirelwss a switch and sometimes, I have accidentally switched off the wifi and then puzzled over why it wasn’t working until I remembered about the existence of the switch.

Linux on Laptops was my first reference site on any difficulty. General Hardware Specifications of my Amilo M small variations among specific machines are possible:.

Debian User Forums

The extra wide screen Thanks for all who helped in such an indirect fashion! ACPI provides power button events, silent mode button events, and sleep button events.

Pressing the wlan button doesn’t help.