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Hopefully some of you are here in the hope of avoiding such consequences. The first and only vertical Both manufacturers have got together to provide a product combination that creates the most effective ergonomic computer input system that is available at this time. My brother, who has fairly severe RSI and gave up mice for pen tablets some time ago, has tried the Aerobic mouse and believes that it is probably the only mouse he could come close to using without harm. This is a major selling point vs.

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Many hours of clicking, pointing and holding of a regular mouse takes its toll. Because we do not have a gas gauge and, worst still, our exhaust toxins vent inside our car musclesperiodically and empirically we have to stop, top off and wind the windows down.

That isn’t designed to fail!

AirO2bic™ mouse right handed

This will soon pass and your body will soon adapt itself to this new and healthier posture. Do you have concerns about your own mouse arm because you recognise some of the kouse above?

The position of the mouse button makes it easier for the user to operate the mouse. Functional neutral Working Postures means that we seldom use those muscles that are most prone to fatigue injury.

You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Much like many only see the benefit of wearing a seatbelt an inch or two from the windscreen they are about to fly through. How to will be described below. This review was made using a complimentary sample from Designer Appliances, which I gave to another person after finishing the review.


Because of Cognitive Distraction we believe another important tool in your survival kit is a break timer that empirically, based upon your own assessment of your level of fatigue, calls up a break that then seeks to de-fatigue by re-aerating you, relaxing you and then allowing re-equilibration of your muscle biochemistry.

Mick — 8th June The latest upgrade to the RollerMouseFree comes the Free3 which brings you the same ergonomic design, precision and quality but with more features.

But not many people see a doctor, assuming that this is normal for them.

No other mouse will give this kind of comfort in your work. No customer reviews for the moment. If any item that you have ordered does not fully meet your needs then we must be notified, by telephone or email, within 7 days of your receipt of delivery. This is why we fully and xiro2bic support only these products.

Airo2ic can monitor and help you as you adapt to the change and may alter your therapy accordingly.

This will soon pass and your body will soon adapt itself to this new and healthier posture. Just turn down the mouse speed in your Windows control panel until you can put the pointer where you want it. This is a position in which you are able to perform work while in a ‘Neutral’ or near resting posture. Wholesale and Trade orders are not included in the above pricing. I can say that the click buttons have harder action than I would prefer.

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After an adjustable pause period the iaro2bic is half a second the software registers a click. While mojse design is wonderful from an ergonomic standpoint, it does have some limitations in the area of pixel-perfect work.

Many of you will visit us as a part a journey of discovery as to why doing a seemingly simple task like sitting at a computer can have a wide range of life impacting consequences. This enables us to raise any queries airk2bic our couriers and with our despatch department.

E-Quill-AirO2bic™ Mouse – Online Ergonomics

We are not assuming the passing of mouse laws anytime soon, though one actually does exist in the US and that is a design standard called Sectionrequired for all Federal Government purchases. Fatigue is fundamental to our design to warn us to stop and take a break. Instead of clicking on aifo2bic with your mouse, you hover over them. This will keep you within the biomechanically recommended positions that help to prevent the circumstances airo2hic are known to cause RSI.

E-Quill-AirO2bic™ Mouse

We know and understand RSI and we will not sell products that we do not believe will help you. The mouse and RSI Extensive and intensive use of an ordinary airk2bic can lead to posture and overuse problems from the hand, through to the shoulder that can cause and develop into RSI. Rated 4 out of 5.