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A 40″ projected image in a well-lit room shows how effective a high-gain screen can be. Or LCDs your thang? It only needs a single USB cable to connect to your laptop and be powered while allowing you to enjoy your favourite movies, your holiday pictures or show your presentations. The Acer C then is a bit like the Taliban – movies, games, or any form of fun is categorically banned. Things weren’t quite as bright as some of the more entertainment orientated projectors on the market but then they are much larger in size.

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All brands and names are trademarks of their respective companies. Using it in well-lit rooms, however, calls for a smaller image size preferably projected onto a high-gain screen.

Acer has just announced the ultra-dinky C Pico projector complete with tablet compatible USB power. It displays photos, videos, and projcetor with a brightness of 50 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 2, A 40″ projected image in a well-lit room shows how effective a high-gain screen can be.

Acer C110 DLP Projector

Video playback is downright pathetic. Cheap; Portable; Compatible with tripods. Top tablets and 2-in-1s to buy today. Cannot run games at all; Video playback is broken; Random compatibility issues; bit colour gamut is inadequate; Supplied cable is too short.

Last one Free shipping. We found this was more than enough to make the projector totally useable for projectro conferences or presentations. Product images used on website are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. Screens – Which Screen? Those interested in movies or games might as well stop reading now.


This is definitely something to bear in mind if using a tablet to power the device, which will likely have a serious impact on battery life.

I found acceptable brightness and contrast levels when I projected an image of roughly half that size. With 20,hour projecto, the Acer C is ideal for business and educational purposes and can be used for presentations on the go as well. LED projecto allows smaller lamp size for design flexibility and makes lamp replacement virtually unnecessary as a LED lamp lasts up to 20, hours; moreover, the lack of breakable parts, such as filaments or tubes increases durability.

Acer C Pico Projector. Which Fire tablet should you buy? Which Apple iPad is best for you? What you should know is that a projector’s screen size is restricted by its brightness.

What’s proojector, a 26″ portable screen optional that’s foldable and easy to carry allows flexible mobile projection with quality imagery. And, with Acer ColorSafe and DLP technology, the color integrity of your images is preserved even after prolonged use of the projector.

The ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact Acer C pico projector fits easily in your pocket.

Acer C DLP Projector | eBay

Dynamic Usability Acer SmartFormat technology provides complete multi-format support so users projecotr longer need to adjust the resolution of the notebook. It also means you get 20, hours of playback from the lamp and a reduced power consumption. A ” projection at 50 lumens will appear washed out even in the darkest of rooms. Acer provides an optional 25″ grey screen for Rswhich strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness.


Acer Projectors: Acer C DLP projector

Using LED for the C was a smart decision. With the C pico-projector, Acer has created the perfect match for projecgor notebook. With Quick Start feature, the projector is ready for use in less than 15 seconds after power-on.

All those claims clearly turned out to be a big pile of horse dung, because the C is only good for presentations.

Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us. On top of working out of a single USB cable — which means no power adapter, no tangle of cables and no issues with plugs — it weighs a mere handful of grams g and measures just x85x25 mm, thus allowing to make brilliant presentations without adding any burden. Weighing in at just g it is lighter than most smartphones. If you are after a highly portable way of projecting your work then look no further than the C