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safety starts with driver update. that is the smartest guard. do you know how to update your drivers? if you don't we can help you. first visit our website. second find your driver by manufacturer or vendor. at last you download the driver by clicking on download driver button.



LoadFWStatus 1 , rtStatus 0 [ 3. Hiya, lsusb gives me the following output: After plugging the device dmesg gives: And i’m sorry for resurrecting an old thread but i think i shouldn’t start a new one for this. It wants to know how you wish to connect, either DHCP or static. Network Manager is designed to prevent a wireless connection if you have a wired ethernet connection, which you do.

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As I said, the dongle is found by the system and my wireless network is found by the dongle.

Now i can get wlan connection to my router and when i check from router it looks like to be connected. I attached some output if you’re interested. Likewise, when the user plugs the computer back in, the computer should switch back to the wired connection. But what a-kink, and what tune?

I had problems first with the firmware which solved by reading this thread.

I Insert the key and it gets connected but no Internet. Here’s screen cap of some basic info: It wants to know how you wish to connect, either DHCP or static. A-lonk computer finds my adapter, but doesn’t make a connection Please connect and post: You have no more firmware error and you can connect to the router! I have the older version of the wnu stick not the WNU-L one.


I’m running a fresh install of bit I can always disconnect from my network and delete the profile of my network so it asks for the key again.

Index of /files/public-docs/A-Link/WNU-AL

When I unplug my ethernet cable or just disconnect it from NM I still am connected to my wlan, Please detach the ethernet cable and reboot. I have at home cable modem and wlan router with nat, wpa2 security and hidden network.

It’s already connected as I unplug the cable. I don’t believe you are actually connected. Could some one help me?

Now click the NM icon and tell us if you see your network. What could be wrong?


Right-click it and select ‘Extract Here. Then run and post: I’m quite new to ubuntu! Thx – rebooted dnu system and my dongle is there, finding my network. I have tried to find help from ubuntu-fi forum but no luck there.

A-Link WNU Free Driver Download (Official)

I can see available networks and connect to my own wlan network. So, I downloaded a driver from here: Hiya, lsusb gives me the following output: Switch to 20MHz bandwidth Thx again, you’ve been tremendously helpful. LoadStaus 2[ 3. Well, it’s never as easy as wnj think, is it: With these setting it’s not work properly.


Didn’t work for me. Well, this problem arises because the mentioned functions aren’t supported in the kernel used by Maverick.