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That way if you need to change up in a hurry you don’t need to burn a box to get to zero. Fulfilling this task is Beartooth Bullets’ newest offering in. I realize it will probably still be quite a load. I just received my first box of pile drivers. This charge has been tested in numerous rifles and hand guns with great results.

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beartooth piledriver

What is your favorite “hot”. I have made a few of them with an OAL of 2. Absent pressure equipment, the chrono is your friend The only way a grain bullet could work in a lever action would be for it to have a much higher percentage of the bullet inside the case.

I wasn’t kidding about the drop tube though.

45-70 Rifle Load Help?

Indeed the data mentioned in this thread was erroneous, and I apologize for it not being amended sooner! This is the lever gun equivalent of a bolt gun’s sticky bolt. I’m liking the recipe.


It’s easy fill’er to the top seat a bullet and pule it. Marshall Stanton, the board’s former owner is not an “idiot” as you claim.

I cant wait to get some downrange tomorrow. IMR has a considerably lower bulk density than any brand ofso it 45-770 that only a smaller load would fit. The new ones I just made are with I was beginning to think no one was going to respond to this question.

Beartooth Bullets > Open Sight > Pile Driver!

Search tags for this page ammopiledriverbear tooth bullets pile driver jrbear tooth piledriver bulletbeartooth ammobeartooth bulletsbeartooth bullets piledriverbeartooth pile driver bulletsbeartooth piledriverhunting with beartooth bullets in apile driverpiledriver bullets for salepiledriver cast bullet availability Click on a term to search for related topics. The time now is My third rifle, a B.

I’m sure the 44 grain load would work well at safe pressure in a single-shot action that could handle a 2. Candidate cartridges include the following and similar chamberings: Please refer to PM I forwarded that explains the “situation” Dan.

Easy on the gun and the shooter. I’m new to reloading for. Last edited by Griz; at A very tall three foot drop tube would likely be needed to stand a chance at making it fit.


Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The Marlin is more resistant than most to this, but Winchester lever guns chambered in. Also a blast to shoot. You are about to make a good choice.

I cant wait to get some downrange tomorrow Share Share this post on Digg Del. Seriously, I can’t find a load online for this bullet. It’s necessary to extrapolate data, and this is why we download and test and measure and slowly develop loads. AngelDevilleNov 5, Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets A responder suggested calling Beartooth.

I got, and gr bullets for use in. Nov 5, 8. Originally Posted by dsv Blackpowder Cartridge Shooting and Loading.